Saturday, July 21, 2012

Ramadhan Kareem... Allahu Akram...

Assalamualaikum to all readers... (well, I don't know if someone had read this post :P)

Ramadhan comes back! Alhamdulillah... Ahlan Wa Sahlan Ya Ramadhan...

And I have something special for this Ramadhan :  

TADAAAA....!!! (Okey, this is over :3)
Alhamdulillah... Allah had destined me is still fasting in my hometown, with my family for this year. Well, I say that because perhaps next year I will further my study for my degree. Syukran Ya Allah Ya Karim! ^_^

In my News Feed in my Facebook account, many of people showed their happiness to celebrate this Ramadhan. That's really good... Allhamdulillah! Cool! May Allah Bless You!

But... (Okey, please read this statement that I wrote it in my Facebook's status) :
Click the picture to an original size
Clear isn'it? Seriously, I'm worried if people was fasting without 'solat'. Your fast is nothing without it. Don't be useless! Solat is out main support and a main of our ibadah. Do it, even you're being forced! 

And one more... my status update about 'sahur (I wrote it in Malay) :

Click the picture to an original size

Isn't it clear? I have been heard about it from Ustaz Kazim Elias last year (maybe) and I determined to tell people about in the next year (which I mean in this year) on that time. In coincidence, this year... Ustaz Zaharuddin had post about KESILAPAN KERAP MUSLIM PADA BULAN RAMADHAN  (Muslims Regular Mistake in Ramadhan) in his website. Click the link and read that and I hope you will understand, Insya'Allah ^_^

All right, enough for this night! Again, I wish to all Muslimin and Muslimat...
Remembers Allah always! Jazakallah Khairan....

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